Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Indie Spotlight: Hush Money

Susan Bischoff's Hush Money is THE book that finally convinced me indie books were cool. I'd flat-out laughed at the idea/suggestion that I would ever self-publish, because I was a purist, an aspiring author who was going Big Six or Bust. Then I found a little (well, actually, there's nothing little about it) novel called 'Heroes For Hire.'

And it totally blew my mind.

First things first, this cover. At first glance, I don't know who this girl is, but I like her. She's pretty but more importantly, she looks interesting. She waxes her eyebrows and has some eyeliner going on, so I know she's not totally anti-girly things, but she doesn't have makeup caked on either. And she's shhhshing me. This girl has a secret. And I really want to know what it is.

So that girl turns out to be Joss Marshall. And Joss is, excuse my French, a kick-ass heroine. She's funny, sassy, smart, and oh yes, by the way, super. But not in a Wonder-Woman-Everybody-Knows-I'm-Super kind of way, in a Better-Hide-My-Powers-So-The-Government-Doesn't-Take-Me-Away kind of away. She's also dealing with the day to day drama of high school and learning that some of her other classmates are Talents too.

Then there's the romance. This world needs more superhero romance and Susan Bischoff totally gets it. I didn't swoon for her crush the way I wanted to - he is realistically flawed, but in ways that made me want to smack him. However, I get why Joss likes him. It's believable. And we've all fallen for a jerk at some point.

I seriously can't say enough good things about this book. The action is heart pounding, the super powers are unique, and Bischoff effortlessly incorporates the strengths of each character in ways that make sense and fit the scene perfectly. She's a master of showing, not telling, and what a show it is!

Check out Hush Money, which is pretty much a gift at $0.99.
The sequel, Heroes Till Curfew is available too, along with a free short story called Impulse Control that takes place in the same world and will have you on the edge of your seat.

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