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Friends With Words - A novelette, complete & available on Amazon here (Only $.099!)

Friends With Words is a novelette at approximately 48 pages - Mia is a talented songwriter who always speaks her mind. Preston is a debate team champion who never backs down from an argument. When their best friends start dating, Mia and Preston join forces to break up the relationship. But in the midst of their scheming, they might just discover more in common than their common goal of sabotage. 

A Wedding at the End of the World - A very short story, complete & available on my blog here. (Free!)

Zombies! Danger! Romance! A wedding at the end of the world.

Before & Ashley - A novelette, in progress. 1st 1/2 available on my blog here. (Free!)

Ashley Morrison loves bake sales, cow tipping, & country music. But after a hayride head injury knocks loose memories she didn't know she had, Ashley uncovers a secret past that could jeopardize her future.

Digits - A novelette, and Friends With Words spin-off, coming soon. 

Elliot Hauser can perform permutations at the drop of a hat, recite pi to three hundred digits, and do long division in her head. She cannot, however, find a date to her senior prom. After accidentally flirting with a cute guy over frozen yogurt, Elliot loses his phone number. Can the power of math help her reconnect with he mysterious suitor in time?

Free writes - For my weekly free writes, look to the 'Categories' on the right side of the this blog, and click 'Freestyle Friday.'

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