Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Stuff For Writers: Around the Internets

Random things I like & love, shared with you!

-Hunger Games BARBIE?!? NOOOOOO!

Katniss would melt this thing down, sharpen the end, and turn it into a shank! Although I'm pretty sure Peeta would sleep with it at night... And, ok, if I'm totally honest, a *little* part of me wants one. But it just seems so WRONG!

-Double Take Photos

I like looking at pictures for inspiration, and these remind me that sometimes when you're reading a book, what you think you see isn't what's really going on. Those are my favorite stories, where you're completely convinced that one thing is happening, but then you realize that it's something else, and all of the facts still make sense. This first picture made me stare for like two minutes. My brain was so sure something crazy was going on. Then when I finally got it, it was like 'Ohhhhh! DUH!'

-Will Smith does Fresh Prince Rap on Talk Show

Just because Will Smith is awesome, and the Fresh Prince is awesome, and I love most things nineties and throwback, here's Will Smith rapping the theme to 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' on The Graham Norton Show earlier this week.

-Ryan Gosling, Liteary Agent

Totally saved the best for last. Ryan Gosling. As a literary agent. Fictionalized, of course. But hilarious nonetheless. This Twitter account is my new best friend. He says things like "Hey Girl, you write, I'll take the kids to Cold Stone. That chapter: you finish it. Sundaes: we'll bring you one."  "Hey Girl, I'm mailing you your line edits. Realized I wrote Ryan + your name in the margins a bunch. Sorry. Sometimes I daydream at work" The hilarity/awesomeness of this page is too much for me to even describe, so go see it for yourself. *internet swoon*!/goslinglitagent

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